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Flash Fiction Friday's are coming

April 9, 2017

Breaking Fate Publishing will be launching a new series this summer for those people just looking for something quick to read.  This summer we will have Flash Fiction Friday.  Each Friday we will post a short piece of fiction available to be read on our website.


If you are an author and would like to submit work, please email



Work must be under 2000 words or less and an original piece of fiction from the author.  Work can be from a larger work but must be self contained that we do not feel obligated to read the other piece.  Subject matter is open as well as any genre except for erotica.  No fan fiction.


Rights are non-exclusive.  There is no compensation for these works, but at the end of the year if we choose to publish an anthology of these FFF, then compensation would be $5.


Call for Submissions is now open.  We will start publishing FFF in June.

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