Kindle Singles

Deadline: Rolling

Payment: $10

We are looking for shorter works under 7,000 words to be released digitally as Kindle Singles. These works can of of any genre dealing with any subject matter.

General Information:

Our Mission is to support the independent art, music, photo, film, print, and media community with events and resources to help bring creative ideas and visions to life and public view.

Breaking Fate Entertainment produces, promotes and distributes Independent Art, Media & Events in all genres in various regions across the US and around the world.







Length: up to 7,000 words




Submission method: Please send story as an attachment (.doc or docx. Only) to

Please include the following with your submission:

Author (Legal Name)

Pen name (if applicable)


Story Title

Word Count


We do not accept queries. Please submit a complete manuscript. (Manuscript should be submitted as a .doc, .docx, .txt, or .rtf file.)  Include full contact information: phone, email, and mailing address.


What Happens Next?


The Manuscript Review Process

  • After manuscripts are received, they are reviewed by first readers. First readers consider each submission’s literary potential and whether it might be a good fit for one of our anthologies.
  • Promising submissions are then carefully reviewed by other editors.
  • The editor makes a final decision on whether to reject or accept the manuscript. For manuscripts that show some promise but need further development, the editor may write the author to request revisions on speculation.


After Acceptance

  • If we accept your manuscript, we will send you an acceptance letter detailing payment and rights information and any revisions we would like you to make (which acceptance shall only be binding upon your signing a final agreement that embodies agreed-upon rights and terms).
  • Once we’ve received your revisions, we carefully line edit the manuscript. The manuscript is then returned for your review. We work closely with our writers to bring out the best in each story and poem.
  • Once the manuscript is edited, it will be kept on file to be used for an upcoming single. It can take up to 2 months before a manuscript is published.



  • Author must own all rights to submitted content.
  • BFP requires exclusive rights.




  • Fiction: $10 advance; 50% of royalties

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