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Welcome to Breaking Fate Publishing!

 Welcome to the NEW Breaking Fate Publishing!

Breaking Fate Publishing is dedicated to the publishing and distribution of independent writings in both digital and print formats.  We also manage Breaking Fate Magazine, an online independent news and entertainment website.  As of December 2019, we are undergoing some new changes in management, policy and procedures.  With these new changes, all of our library of novels, short stories, ebooks and anthologies have been retired to make room for new publishings under our umbrella.  But, if you are still wanting to read our previous publishings, don't worry!  You can still find them all available by CLICKING HERE.

If you are an author interested in contributing your writings to Breaking Fate Publishing, please CLICK HERE to learn more about our open calls for writers!

We are excited to begin work on a new Breaking Fate Publishing to please both readers and writers.

breaking fate entertainment's mission statement

Our Mission is to support the independent art, music, photo, film, print, and media community with events and resources to help bring creative ideas and visions to life and public view.

Breaking Fate Entertainment produces, promotes and distributes Independent Art, Media & Events in all genres in various regions across the US and around the world.

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